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Banaras Beads Limited was founded in the year 1940 by Late Kanhaiya Lal Gupta the father of Mr. Ashok Kumar Gupta who is presently leading the company as Chairman and Managing Director. Presently Banaras Beads Limited is a govt. recognized export house engaged in manufacturing and exports of glass beads, imitation jewellry and other similar products. During the span of long time the product of BBL has a wide and vast variety. Every day there is new design is developed by the skilled designers Growth in Business and a significant increase in customer base across the Globe is directly associated with element of innovation, use of new technology and R&D effort. Since our products are related to fashion and art is requires frequent development of new designs, colors and shapes.

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Corporate Policy

"Quality means fitness for the intended purpose in all aspects of the company's activities. it is the company's policy to manufacture and export goods which comply with the customer's needs and the designer's specifications. The company will strive to meet the needs of its customers through a continuous process of quality improvement." "The quality system is designed to ensure the maintenance of the product quality standsrds through the evaluation, inspection and verification of processes at all stages of manufacturing." "Compliance with the provisions and objectives of the manual are mandatory for all employee of the company. All employees are responsible for quality improvement. Education and training are vital to the quality improvement process."